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Alcohol Gel

Alcohol Gel

ALCOHOL GEL is a cleaner and disinfectant indicated for the complete

cleaning and asepsis of hands and any surface.

It is a gel formulated to provide a decontaminate and disinfectant action, it is a natural antiseptic, it is used in medical areas because it eliminates germs and evaporates quickly.

NOTE: Alcohol gel does not replace hand washing with antibacterial soap, nail brush, and rinsing with water.


    Widely used in patient care rooms, inspection visits, in recovery rooms, for healthcare professionals.

    Used in food processing plants. In agricultural facilities

    In dining rooms for the complete disinfection of hands before serving food.

    At home to complement the disinfection of surfaces and for the hygiene of various utensils.


    Apply a dose of about 10 to 15 ml on the area to be cleaned either on the hands or defined surfaces, rub until it is evenly spread and until it evaporates.

    THE ALCOHOL GEL does not leave any residue on the hands, in addition to its content of humectants it can be used as many times as necessary without problems of dryness or roughness.

    It does not require to be washed or dried.


    Appearance Colorless, transparent gel or a choice of four colors

    Ethyl alcohol 50%,
    0.5% moisturizers,
    carboxy methyl cellulose 1.5%,
    formalin 0.06%,
    pH 7.0
    Density 0.98 g / ml
    Biodegradable, phosphate free.


    Kills a wide range of great +, great-, fungal and spore microorganisms in seconds


    Do not use on open wounds, skin with excoriations, irritated, lacerated or on mucous membranes.


    Keep out of the reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place protected from sunlight.


    THE ALCOHOL GEL comes in gallon containers and 5-gallon cans.

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