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N95 mask (national manufacture)

N95 mask (national manufacture)

Product made from polypropylene that consists of three layers as a basis for the fulfillment of its function and prevention.
Spundbond layer: layers (1) and (3), is a cloth mantle formed by non-oriented filaments, which are subjected to a stretching and cooling process that provides resistance and elegance characteristics to the finished product.

Meltblown middle layer: layer (2) is a special fabric of short interlaced polypropylene fibers forming a labyrinth that traps bacteria and dust particles inside it, allowing perspiration and acting as a bacterial barrier.

  • Physical properties

    Code Width cm. Length cm. Thickness mm. Weight gr. Diameter Other
    N95 17.5 + -1 17.5 + -1 0.706 + -1 88 + -2 Does not apply Particulate Respirator

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