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8210 Respirator (N95)

8210 Respirator (N95)

The 3M 8210 Maintenance Free Respirator provides effective, comfortable and hygienic respiratory protection against solid and liquid particles without oil. It is manufactured with an Advanced Electrostatic Filter Media, a new particle retention system that allows greater filter efficiency with less pressure drop. Its convex shape, the design of its elastic bands, the sealing foam and the aluminum clip for the adjustment to the nose ensure an excellent seal adapting to a wide range of face sizes.


    Certified by (National Institute for Occupational Safety And Health) the NIOSH of the United States under the N95 specification of the 42CFR84 standard.
    Approved for respiratory protection against dusts (including coal, cotton, aluminum, wheat and iron, produced mainly by the disintegration of solids during industrial processes such as: grinding, sanding, crushing and processing of minerals and other materials) and liquid-based mists not oily.




    Elastic tapes: Yellow elastomer.
    Metal clip: Aluminum.
    Internal foam: Polyurethane.
    Filter element: Polypropylene and polyester non-woven fabric.
    Approx weight: 10gms.
    Color: White.


    Do not use when concentrations are greater than 10 times the exposure limit.
    Do not use in atmospheres whose oxygen content is less than 19.5%. Do not use in atmospheres where the pollutant is in IDLH concentrations (immediately dangerous to life and health). Do not use in atmospheres containing toxic gases and vapors, asbestos or dust from sandblasting, in direct exposure.


    The sole responsibility of the seller or manufacturer shall be to replace the quantity of this product that is proven to be defective at the factory. Given this, the client must present their concern to our call center (600-300-3636), who will inform them how to proceed as the case may be (return, refund, replacement, etc).
    Neither the seller nor the manufacturer shall be liable for any direct or consequential personal injury loss or damage resulting from the use of this product.
    Before use, the user must determine whether the product is suitable for the intended use and the user assumes all responsibility and risk in connection with such use.

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